How to Respond to a Dominating Pastor

How to Respond to a Dominating Pastor Danger Signs that May Lead Trouble

If you personally feel that you are being manipulated, used and controlled by your spiritual leader or Pastor who demands a lot of respect and somewhat unquestioning obedience to his “revelations from the Lord” then maybe it’s time to have a closer Godly look at what might be happening.

Are there a lot of members gossiping, confused, discontent and backbiting among the membership? Maybe even not so much on the surface but you can feel it brewing underneath? The longer you have been a member of a church like this the easier it is to excuse it.

If you find yourself in this type of fellowship/church under this type of pastor who may be putting more emphasis on his doctrine rather than the doctrine of Christ and the Bible, these are the beginning signs.

When things start to unravel greater loyalty and support is usually requested and required. But when something is wrong with a church the church membership has every right to find out and know why. Pastors are suppose to be servants of the flock and are not called to dominate things. Your home church, fellowship of church should be a place where love reigns and there is a large element of honesty and loving communications amongst its members.

Pastors who are only lead by, “direct revelations/God told me to do this or that” often have a case of spiritual pride but are still subject to council with others on matters that concern the body.

When a leader claims “the Lord spoke to me” This method has been used by leaders as a way of putting distance between them and the members, creating greater control. If nobody questions them then they just keep getting more control. And pretty soon people are afraid to question them and behold you have the creation of a “mini cult” in the making.

The Lord does lead His children by “direct revelations” but all the fruits of the spirit are usually evident including a humble communicative spirit which is open to the Godly Council of others.

If you feel you are being manipulated by your present pastor and there seems to be a lot of disunity, discord, too much pastoral control, following revelations that aren’t really in accordance with the Bible these may be danger signs on the horizon.

If such a church has no solid form of Outreach Program in place and it’s main function is as a fellowship and unified body of believers seeking to grow in their spiritual lives you may have woken up to find your self in the wrong place.

We strongly encourage Good Christian Biblical Churches and Fellowships for the Strengthening and the Edifying of the Body of Believers until He Comes.

The Lord Needs Good Strong Leaders who are grounded firmly in His Word to lead His flocks through the Last Days. And they that understand among the people shall instruct many.

Dr. Ken

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